Friday, July 15, 2005

Tel Aviv Night

Tonight was fun. I was given permission to drive to Tel Aviv. It's kind of a milestone for me - I'm stepping into adulthood now, I can drive.... on the highway.... in Israel... alone....

It's been over a week since I had seen Liat before this. I picked her up from her hotel and we walked to the Tayelet. It was a great night. We found a nice cafe/bar to sit at on the beach and to our left were some enormous and colorful fireworks. It definitely made up for Rhythm and Booms at the terrace. I still haven't found out why exactly there were fireworks. The only holiday I know of is French independence day.... and I have a feeling that is not what they were celebrating in Yaffo.
Oh yeah, we also got ice cream at the Beer Sheva ice cream place. If you're in the mood for some cold sweetness, then Beer Sheva ice cream is the stuff to get.

Pictures soon.


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