Thursday, March 30, 2006

The side of Purim (and Israel) you've never seen before

A tradition has slowly taken grip of most of Israel.

Every Purim, since all the kids have a day off of school, it is basically the last week to go skiing on Hermon, and just because it's fun, the Israeli municipalities bring piles of snow to public areas for people to play in.

So when you look at this next picture and see an Israeli girl running through the snow in shorts and a t-shirt, it isn't because she is crazy, and it is not due to negligent parents, the reason is that it's actually shorts and t-shirt weather (about 75 or 80 degrees).

Make-shift sled.
Purim costume. This is kind of misleading, because in reality, almost everyone dresses up on Purim, not just the kids.


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