Monday, July 25, 2005

On Target

This is a fair assessment:

While Sharon has surprised his critics, it is not conceivable that he would leave Israel more vulnerable than he found it when he took office. He will be adamant that Israel get what it has been promised: "secure and recognized borders." Who made that promise? The international community did, in UN Security Council Resolution 242 of Nov. 22, 1967 - the only agreed basis for negotiations between Israel and all its Arab neighbors. Resolution 242 also calls on Israel to relinquish land occupied in the 1967 war - but not to withdraw from all territories since, by definition, that would leave Israel without secure borders. (Townhall)

See also Defensible Borders for a Lasting Peace (Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs)

As for now, I have to keep checking the El Al site to see if Jon's flight is going to continue its predictable pattern of delay (if you've flown from Chicago you know what I mean).


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