Wednesday, December 14, 2005


For my business class we went on a field trip to the Intel on Har Hotzvim (in Jerusalem). Beforehand, my professor explained to us some of the reasons why it is difficult to have companies spread out all over the world, specifically in Israel.

The primary reason was that the American employees can't relate to Israeli employees, especially when it comes to the area of business etiquette. My professor explained to us that Israeli employees tend to make uncouth remarks, and Americans just simply don't approve.

At Intel we were on a tour led by the head of public relations at Intel. Within an hour tour he made two references to Pamela Anderson and silicon in the same sentence.

He also explained to us that people in Israel just can't accept that Intel was trying to help the community by installing wireless internet all over Jerusalem. He said he gets many complaints from concerned and/or disappointed users. His response was a very blunt and amused "who cares." Frankly, I agreed with him, but you would never find the head of public relations of Intel in the US saying "who cares" about the public in front of people he doesn't know.

Anyway, just pointing out one of the many charming informalities of Israel.

here's a picture I took of Intel:


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