Sunday, December 11, 2005

So maybe God does exist?

Today I got back from Raanana. I spend every other weekend there and usually get back early Saturday evening following Shabbat.
Usually I just come back, eat dinner and go to sleep. However, tonight we went downtown to hang out. After walking around for a while we became a little stressed about finding a place to use the bathroom so we decided to walk down Hillel street. Eventually we found a good spot. A place down an alley, in between some bushes and a wall.

Well anyway, while we were using the outdoor restroom we noticed a Haredi couple walk by. Normally this would be an embarrassing thing because Haredi people are so strict about modesty and most likely about public urination.
Well, not these Haredim.
These were an exception.
No, they didn't join us in public urination..... but they did start making out! Up against the wall, not even hidden!
I guess they thought this was the secret hedonistic public urination/making-out alley in Jerusalem.
It was pretty intense making-out too, not just kissing.

And here's a picture of what the guy most likely resembled, except the guy we saw was much fatter.


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