Monday, October 17, 2005


Sukkot is here, and we went to the Sukkah fair!


Etrogs, me, sister:

Official etrog checker:

I think we got a good deal... All the vendors were offering a complete Sukkot set for 80 shekels but I got mine for 50 (mainly because the guy selling me mine didn't have enough change).


Anonymous sukkah | sukkot said...

The Sukkah mitzvah
Dwelling in the sukkah is one of the mitzvahs of the Jewish holiday of Sukkot.
It is a mitzvah to dwell in a sukkah for seven days.
It is written in the Torah (Vayikrah / Leviticus 23:42) "You shall dwell in sukkot for seven days; every inhabitant of Israel shall dwell in sukkot. In order that your generation shall know that I caused the Jews to dwell in sukkot when I brought them out of Egypt. I am the Lord your G-d." In commemoration of this we are commanded to build a sukkah in order to remember the great and wondrous deeds of G-d
When should you build your Sukkah ?
Optimally, one should start to build the sukkah immediately after the Yom Kippur fast in order to fulfill the commandment "Yilchu michayil le chayil – “They go from strength to strength" (Tehilim/ Psalms 84) - From the mitzvah of Yom Kippur to the mitzvah of sukkot.
Don't forget "Zrizim makdimim le'mitzvot" (Psachim 4) – It's good to be an early bird for a mitzvah!
Where should you build your Sukkah?
The sukkah should be built under the open skies. If it is built under a porch, tree or roof, it is not considered a kosher sukkah
The size of the sukkah
There are no limitations on how big a sukkah can be. However, the schach should not be higher than

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