Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Settling the Land

On our walk back from the film "Munich" - a beautiful 'prayer for peace' (just kidding), Liat and I found somethink very special.

We came across a heap of garbage. Liat is cheap, and of course I'm not, but I saw an old leather couch that I thought might be a little useful. So we surveyed the furniture checking for bugs, smells and tears in the leather and soon decided that the love-seat was suitable for my room. We started off carrying the couch (which is a lot heavier than it looks) but that did not last long. This was around 1:30 AM too, so it's not like what we were doing was anything less than sketchy.

While carrying the couch we passed someone walking a dog. The man asked "genavtem??" Which is translated as "are you stealing that?" Which is funny because we were walking at about 1 step per minute, not the ideal pace for someone robbing a house.

As the journey continued, our choice for moving this thing evolved. It was probably humerous to anyone who saw us, but we decided the best way to accomplish our task was to get in the middle of the street and slide the couch home. We finally made it all the way down Herzog, up Nayot, and up four flights of stairs by about 2:30 AM.

Here are some pictures: (Tu Bishvat is here, the holiday for the trees)


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