Sunday, January 08, 2006

I got what I asked for

I ended up posting on a Jerusalem list-serve that I am interested in an internship dealing with law, goverment, advocacy, etc. Well, I got some really generous offers, in fact I kind of feel bad about posting them, but they weren't exactly what I'm looking for.
It's funny what "legal internship" can be translated into.

Some examples:

"You're welcome to work at our office.

International Shipping and Shopping Since 1979"


"Hmm. Well I'm not sure if we'd have what you're looking for, but we were just
discussing today the idea of bringing some interns in - I work at apublishing
house, we publish fiction, for the American market (it's anAmerican company). We
were thinking of getting interns in (unpaid) towork on marketing/sales areas of
the business. Does that sound like thekind of thing you might be interested in
doing for a few weeks?"

As well as....
" What kind of an internship? What kind of activity? If by
"internship" you mean volunteering to work with kids, we
could use some help!"

And finally...

"We're a non-profit agency that runs day care centers for Alzheimer's
patients. We might be able to use an intern in either one of our
day centers, or in our public relations office."


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