Friday, June 09, 2006

Shavuot at the Moshav

We spent Shavuot with friends at Moshav Lachish near Kiryat Gat. Kiryat Gat has the most land to people ratio in all of Israel. They have around 40,000 dunams of land for 65 families. It's one of the few places in Israel where you can stand on top of a hill and not see people for miles. The reason they have so much land is because back during early settlement of the state this was in the middle of the desert, and basically no one wanted to live there - thus the enormous incentive. This particular moshav has the edible grape (not the ones used for wine) market cornered.

There are always lots of tractors and trucks representing different parts of the harvest for the moshav. This one had its own unique twist. It says Lachish (the name of the moshav) Inside. A take off of "Intel Inside" - I'm guessing a good percentage of the moshavnikim work at the Intel in Kiryat Gat.

This is the Thailandi truck - since most of the people working in the fields now are from Thailand. It was nice to see how comfortable and appreciated they were at this moshav. They get paid a little over minimum wage and are given a place to stay. They make as much in two weeks of working on this moshav as they make in a year in Thailand.
The milk truck.

The cars driving up to the top of the hill for the celebration.

An old moshav truck.

Everyone getting their kites ready to fly.


Israeli audience watching the Thai game being played.
Two Israeli guys and a Thailandi reading off the rules of the game. They asked him if he knows Hebrew and for how many years he has been working in Israel. His response: "ken, ani mebiin, l'eser sanim."

The game.

Kids dressed as Israeli soldiers.

Line of tractors and trucks.

Some of the organic grapes up close.

Inside the vineyard.

Vineyard from up above.

More and more vineyards.


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