Thursday, May 25, 2006


There are two main sources of evil in this world.

They are both vehemently anti-Israel, inspire intense hatred and anger, and are counter to all modernity.

  • The first is the president of Iran: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. (For obvious reasons, ie, not thinking the Holocaust was effective enough).

  • The second is the municipality of Jerusalem (I assume other municipalities are bad too, but I wouldn't know).

The iriyya in Jerusalem must be the main rationale for not making aliyah to Israel, and is certainly the only justification for leaving this country.

How can a municipality offer a 'student discount' on property taxes (arnona), entirely based on the fact that you are not allowed to be able to afford to pay to go to university?

You are instantly disqualified from the student discount if you pay tuition. Seems backwards doesn't it? Isn't attending university the essence of being a student?

In addition to this, there is an absurd requirement that you must go to a lawyer and pay him $250 dollars to validate your desitute student status. BUT, if you can afford this letter then you are also unable to receive the discount!

So basically, this is not a student discount.

This is a discount for destitute people who do not actually go to school and have lawyers in their families OR a discount in disguise for yeshiva students. Is that a leap of logic? No. You are either forced to get a letter from a lawyer (that you are not allowed to be able to afford to pay), or you are allowed to get your rabbi to write it for free.

So us non-orthodox, tuition paying, university attending, semi-productive people are excluded from this "student" discount. But we aren't overtly excluded. No one ever tells us that this discount is impossible. We are messed around with, led on, and given impossible tasks with the intention of us eventually getting the point that this is not really a discount for students.

And in case you think you have thick enough skin to deal with this bullshit. Believe me, you don't. Not only do they offer empty promises, but there are only a couple months a year when you can go in and try to deal with them. Moreover, in those two months they work half-days, and tend to go on strike. They will make it a point that you make multiple visits inspired by false hope.

These are the Ahmadinejads of Israel.


Anonymous michael said...

I'm actually surprised the murder rate here is as low as it is. Lord knows, if I had a gun, after about a week of being led from bureaucrat to bureaucrat on a dead-end chase I would go on a blood-soaked rampage from Metulla to Eilat.

But, if it makes you feel better, it gets worse than the Iriyah - there's the Misrad ha-Panim. In order to schedule an appointment, you have to call. When you call, they put you on hold immediately. Their system automatically disconnects you after twelve minutes on hold. The average wait is something like half an hour. If you get fed up and go there in person, they'll refuse to see you because you didn't make a phone appointment.

This is why my visa is five months expired.

But hey. It's OUR mess.

5/28/2006 04:10:00 PM  

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