Friday, April 28, 2006

Israeli Soldiers

The other night Jon and I went to see the new Israeli soldiers get sworn into the army.

This is after the soldiers finish weeks of basic training which includes intensive physical work on essentially no sleep. The basic training is finished off by a long hike (I can't remember the exact distance) where they all end up at the Kotel. The swearing in includes some speeches, the acquiring of rifles, and a Tanach (Bible).

If you were ever considering joining the Israeli army before, then going to this will certainly push you over the brink. The enthusiasm and comradery, coupled with the support by everyone's family, causes that warm Zionist feeling inside to really heat up, as the hundreds of people at the Wall take part in a personal and national milestone.

Entering the Kotel area, hundreds of soldiers

Soldiers dancing and celebrating before the ceremony

Picture taking

Two soldiers

Beginning of the ceremony

Officer going around making sure everyone's uniform is on straight, in a friendly way.


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