Saturday, July 30, 2005

Tel Aviv Afternoon

Today we went to the Rubin museum in Tel Aviv. The museum is the renovated house of the former artist Rubin. It was very nice, and very air-conditioned. Something you don't get too often in this country.
Rubin was formerly a painter in Europe. It was interesting because in Europe he used a variety of dark colors and shades. However, in 'Eretz Yisrael' he only used a few colors, brown, yellow, black, and gray. In Europe his paintings had many shadows and dark images, however, in Eretz Yisrael there were "no shadows, because even the shadows are illuminated." His paintings were bright and colorful and pleasing to see.I enjoyed hearing about how the painter came to Israel and that everything was familiar to him even though he had never been here. I'm sure most Jews on pilgrimage to here also feel that way to an extent.
What was funny was that several times he mentioned that he almost never paints portraits of himself. I don't know if he was lying or if this museum just had an unusual amount of self-portraits, but there were definitely a few self-portraits of Rubin. If you look at the picture above you'll notice the second portrait on the bottom. That too is Rubin.

Following the museum we went to Neve Tzedek to walk around. It was a little bit empty but was interesting - I was given the opportunity to see what used to be the nicest part of Tel Aviv, and then the delapidated part of Tel Aviv, now existing as the artsy district of Israel's metropolitan city.
We walked through the Bat Sheva dance school located close to the center of Neve Tzedek in order to get to a restaurant called Suzanne's. It has a pleasing atmosphere and attractive food.

Next we went to Montanna's. Montanna's is an ice cream parlor that was established about half a century ago on edge of Tel Aviv. It's still standing, almost exactly as it was, still claiming to have an American atmosphere with American style ice cream, and still maintained by the same two old men.

Close to Montanna's is the newly built-up board-walk on the old port. No one was there today, because it's Saturday, but tonight Liat, Carmit, Jon and I will probably go back there for its night life.


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