Saturday, September 24, 2005


It's funny the things that can show up in your life all around the same time. On Wednesday I went to the Biblical Zoo in Jerusalem. At the zoo there was a 104 year old parrot.
Here is the description of the parrot.

Here is a picture of the parrot.

This leads me to my next thing. Being that Simon Wiesenthal, a Shoa survivor and dedicated individual who personally tracked down and brought to justice approximately 1,100 mass-murderering Nazis died in his sleep on Tuesday. On Friday was his funeral. I went to the funeral with my parents and Liat in order to witness and pay tribute to someone so important to the Jewish people, and yet so under-appreciated. Although he has earned many awards from goverments all over the world, everyone I mention his name to either has no idea who he was or only recognizes his name, but has no recollection of what he did that made his name famous.

To read about him you should go to the Wiesenthal Center historical biography of Simon Wiesenthal.

To just read a short description about him go to Yediot Aranot's article about him.


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Anonymous Rivka Chana said...

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