Wednesday, August 10, 2005

No Internet

So, I've been kind of busy....not very busy, but just enough. The problem is that I live 25 minutes away from the nearest media source. I'm sure there was some kind of reasoning as to why Hebrew U decided to build the majority of its dorms almost half an hour away from campus, but I have yet to discover it.

Ulpan is good. I have experienced teachers. Although...I could go without the last hour or so. About 3.5 hours into it I lose focus, get hungry, and start getting frustrated. It's actually kind of amazing that anyone is able to last that long after being lectured to in a language they dont quite understand. It's not like I can just half pay attention or take notes while not listening. I have to pay attention constantly or I am totally lost. It gets tiring.

Went to Machane Yehudah the other night with Liat. It was right when almost every shop was closing down for the night. But when we were about to leave, I heard the most euphonious and agreeable sound "ESER PITOT -SHEKEL- HALLLLLO!!" So we did exactly that. We bought 10 pitas for about 25 cents.


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