Thursday, August 25, 2005


So Liat and I have been spending an unexpected amount of time searching for an apartment for October. I think we have walked all over the city center and its neighboring areas looking for a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment that is furnished and within our price range. We've found nice unfurnished ones, furnished filthy ones, and some that don't have the same amount of space as people claim.

However, two nights ago was a very special night. After waiting for someone who had already made us wait until 8:30 and then was 30 minutes late we were fortunate enough to see an apartment that was dirty and not available when we want it. Although, that's not what made the night special. What made the night uniquely memorable was after the tour of the apartment.

When we went outside there was a 70 year old woman with an arm brace moving the bench we used while waiting for the guy to show us the place. She ran up to us and demanded/begged us to carry the bench up the stairs. No explanation given.

It was a big bench so I told her "it's really heavy, why do you need this bench?" She nervously and angrily asked me if I know what a "CON-dom" is. I nodded and smirked. And she told me in her antiquated Israeli accent that people were doing "bad things!" And then to better our understanding of what she meant by 'bad things' she began to bang her hands together, illustrating what people do on benches with 'con-doms' so that I could visually understand what she meant by 'bad things.'

Liat and I held in our laughs, and told the lady we could move the bench somewhere else - just not up the stairs. She then thanked us, and we walked away from her quickly and carefully, so that she couldn't see us laughing as we left the apartment area.


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