Saturday, September 10, 2005

Drum Beach

Today was fun. We went to Om beach, like I always do. But today way Friday afternooon, so it was very crowded and shamefully fun. There are these misters by the bar that shoot mist out onto people who go under them when it gets hot. They are always there and are always on, but today there were tons of people dancing under them. There were so many people dancing around them that they had to bring out tables on the side for people to dance on just to make more room. All this at 4 in the afternoon. Very nice.

Later, Jesse, Jon and I went to Drum Beach to hear the Friday drum session in the evening at around sunset. It's in Tel Aviv so there is usually a pretty eclectic crowd. I got a few pictures, but they don't explain much of what was going on.

First we walked in and saw the sign Drum Beach and could only hear a few drums. Then we saw a few people playing drums.

After, we noticed a big circle with people doing Capuera complemented by a nice sunset to the left and a beautiful view of the city and the beach on the right.


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